Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat

Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat– Known as the “Pharma Hub” of India, Surat is the best place to start the PCD business Franchise. The location has many pharmaceutical companies which are a part of the transforming healthcare system. Many business entrepreneurs are a part of the leading companies and therefore attain the best profits.

The increased scope of PCD pharma in the country has resulted in the rise of many firms. These over the years have offered a health collaboration to the clients and therefore grabbed a spot in the list of the Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat. A partnership with a top-tier firm will ensure the results and provide high-end profits. 

PCD Pharma Franchise in Surat

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List of Top 10 PCD Pharma companies in Surat

Let’s relieve your mind and offer the list of the most awaited Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat.

Max Life Science

Max Life Sciences is one of the leading companies among the group of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat. The company has served the premium range for the past 20 years. The pharma company came into notice in the year 2004 when it changed the trends of the healthcare industry. It specializes in the offering of business opportunities with a range of more than 300+ therapeutic segments.  It has covered over 21 states PAN India and it has over 354+ client base.
Highlights of Max Life Science

  • Best quality products
  • Exclusive monopoly rights
  • Low-risk investment
  • Attractive packaging
  • A wide range of therapeutics
  • Growth strategy guidance
  • 24 hrs delivery
  • Free of cost promotional materials
  • Customer support

With its robust support system, Max Life Science provides ethical business collaboration and deals with transparency and professionalism with clients. It also provides promotional strategies and marketing schemes to the clients. To know more about Max Life Sciences, contact us at the details below.

Call- +91 70487 12603, +91 93769 82037


Address- 257, Shivam Industrial Park,Chacharvadi Vasna Road,Changodar, Moraiya,
Ahmedabad-382213, Gujarat, India

Adegen Pharma

Adegen Pharma is a Pharmaceutical company based in Haryana. It provides manufacturing and business opportunities to the client PAN India. The company has opened its doors to entrepreneurs to start a franchise business. It has been on the list of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat because it provides the medicine with attractive packaging and comprehensive promotional material. 

The R&D Department of Adegen Pharma meets the quality of products and manages to deliver the unique range. This is an ISO, GMP, and WHO-certified pharmaceutical company that responds and hours its clients with immediate responses. You can become a part of Adegen Pharma are receive benefits. 

Apikos Pharma

Apikoa Pharma is headed by Mr. Anil Kapoor who has rich experience in delivering tremendous quality products. It is an ISO-certified pharmaceutical company delivering the therapeutic range globally. In the list of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat, it supplies a range of generic medicines categories in tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, ointments, dental range, protein powders, sachets, and a range of pediatric products. The company is engaged in supplying, distributing, manufacturing, and the trade of pharmaceutical products. 

Sanify Healthcare

Sanify Healthcare is another Top 10 PCD pharma company in Surat. Its innovation and strength in the market have made it achieve the spot among the best. It has collaborated with nearly 4-00+ clients in the past years and has served the transparent approach to growth. 

The highlights of Sanify Healthcare:

  • Monopoly-based PCD Pharma Company
  • Executive approach toward the clients
  • Premium products
  • 100% safe to use medicines

Pax Healthcare

In the list of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat, Pax Healthcare serves well. It is a pharma company that supports ethical collaboration. Certified with FDI, ISO 9001:2008, DCGI, WHO, and GMP, Pax Healthcare is known for its extensive medicine range and quality-assured product list. It is a low-cost and high-profit PCD franchise company that ensures a reputed product statement. Collaborate with Pax Healthcare and gain profits from attractive packaging and professional business deals. 

Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharmacia is a pharmaceutical firm that contributes to the healthcare sector with a range of A-grade medicines and a range of veterinary products. It is among the Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat as has an experience of 10 years and provides business growth to each associate. 

It deals in:

Soft gelatin capsules, Injectable, Oral sachet & Powders, Oral Dry Syrup, General Products, Ointment, NASAL drops, Syrup & Suspension (Oral liquid), Tablets, Capsules.

FC Remedies

FC Remedies leads among the group of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat. It offers the advantages of monopoly rights, promotional strategies, long-term benefits, and a premium range of products. You can be part of FC Remedies and gain a reputation in the market with its product range. It offers tablets, capsules, infections, sachets, syrups, ointments, etc. Its prices are reasonable, and the services are authentic. Get brand recognition with FC Remedies. 

Zoic Life Sciences

Zoic Life Sciences is one of the Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat that offers growth opportunities. It serves as an authentic mechanism of customer satisfaction wherein it focuses on Convenience, Globalization, Measuring Trends, Measurement, Continuous Improvement, Brand Reputation, Employee Satisfaction, Price, Importance, Customer Support, Industry Standards, and Expectations.

Eridanus Healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare serves a wide range of neuropsychiatric products. It delivers a range of pharmacy products that benefit mental health and its various disorders. It is the only company in the list of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat that deals with a tremendous range of pharmaceutical products. This is an ISO, GMP, and WHO-certified pharmaceutical company. 

Mestra Pharma

Mestra Pharma is a nationally recognized firm in the list of the top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat. It offers a range of pharmaceutical products which are made with 100% quality assured raw material. The company is client-centric and provides a wholesome range of products to the clients. Enroll yourself with the firm to know more. 


We believe your search for the Top 10 PCD pharma companies in Surat has come to an end. These are the reputed from India and you can be a part of transforming the healthcare system by investing in any of these. To know more contact Max Life Sciences. 

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