Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore- Indore is a city in Madhya Prades with numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. It is one of the largest places to deal in the product of tablets, injections, capsules, syrup, medical aids, soft gels, and more. Commonly, Indore is termed the “Dawa Bazar” of India. 

Many renowned pharma companies worldwide have set up their manufacturing plant in India. Today we would like to shed light on the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore that promote the import and expert healthcare businesses in Indore.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore

Sometimes the numbers justify the popularity. Indore has nearly 200+ pharma manufacturing plants, providing a business distribution opportunity for many associates. As we researched further we came across the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore. Today we will acknowledge you with these reputed pharam companies of Indore. 

Discover the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore

Indore is one of the educated cities that has many entrepreneurs. Enter into the world of pharmaceuticals with a collaboration with the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore

Here we present the best!

Max Life Science

Max Life Sciences is a leading Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore. It offers the benefits of collaboration to entrepreneurs with professionals. The company initiated the best range of pharma products in 2004 and it is currently providing a range of more than 350+ products. 

The firm provides an opportunity to have business distribution rights at a low cost. Let’s offer the highlights of Max Life Sciences.

  1. 20 years experience
  2. Wide product range
  3. Vision to secure mankind
  4. State-of-the-art manufacturing
  5. Expansion in more than 21 states

Product by Max Life Science

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Antacids
  • Anti-histamine
  • Anti-biotics
  • Antifungals
  • Appetite enhancers, etc.

The company has taken the initiative to manufacture a splendid range fo pharma products. Its medicines are recommended by the top doctors in India as these are ISO, WHO, and GMP certified. 


Cipla is a renowned pharmaceutical company in India that initiates a heavy manufacturing process. The firm was established in 1935 and it has been 85 years since the company holds a record to treat patients efficiently. 

Cipla is one of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore to have a mesmerizing revenue $10+ billion (USD). The company is committed to treating illnesses turn it into wellness. Working with sustainability, Cipla rolls off with technology to produce medicines in an eco-friendly manner. Stakeholders of the company have progressive gains and profits over the years. 


Lupin has maintained its spot under the list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore as it offers a range of 1000+ products and expanded its business in over 100+ countries. Lupin addresses health with its offering of medicines that control the spread of chronic and acute diseases. 

It serves a range of medicines that treat:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cardiovascular
  • Diabetes, etc.

Lupin has partnered with many reputed research analysts to expand its networks for the treatment of mankind. The company leads gracefully with a premium range of medicines. 

Sun Pharmaceuticals

Sun Pharmaceuticals has now collaborated with many research developed and manufacturing exerpts but when it established its roots back in 1983, the company was very small. Gradually it expanded its ways but provided the best range of medicine to treat several health issues and it therefore became one of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore. 

Now with years of success and hard work, Sun Pharmaceuticals has become the 4th largest leader in the general range of medicines. It currently deals in more than 2000+ products and has many distributors across the globe.

Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma believes in the approach of quality, affordability, and innovation. It provides high-quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. Mankind has been on the list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore since its inception. 

It deals in the manufacturing of critical care products. It successfully contributes towards lasting relationships with its customers. Incorporated in 1995 it is the 4th largest pharmaceutical company in India and has an employee strength of more than 23,000. 

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is committed to redefining the medical system. The company has contributed well to transforming the healthcare system with its range of innovative medicines. It addresses health issues well by promoting wellness with ist each medicine. 

The company is an international firm and has many manufacturing plants in India. Being in the list of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore, Johnson & Johnson got recognition with its baby care range.
It deals in:

Neuroscience, Retina, Pulmonary Hypertension, Cardiovascular, Immunology, Oncology.


Viatris is a global healthcare pharmaceutical company that promotes the wellness of humans. It has the diagnosis centers that are involved in the manufacturing of several medicines. 

It manufactures:

Dermatology, Respiratory and Allergy, Eye Care, Oncology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Women’s Healthcare, Infectious Disease, CNS and Anesthesia, Immunology, Cardiovascular

Viatirs is among the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore that make sure to offer diagnostic solutions with a holistic approach and with the help of clinical experts. 


IQVIA is another Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore that is taking the clinical transformation to another level. The company is renowned for manufacturing a wide range of medicines that help treat several types of diseases. 

IQVIA deals in medical devices used for the abscess of biotechnology and has research departments that deliver comprehensive and relevant solutions. 


Novartis provides reimagined solutions to the business associates. It has stepped into the world of pharmaceuticals with a range of pharma medicines that treat serious health problems. It is among the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore that deal in a range of Oncology, ophthalmology, skin care, heart diseases, etc. The company has many stakeholders around the world and maintains its business standards with professionalism and support.


Sanofi among the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore never settles for less. It is a technologically driven Pharma company in India that has premium healthcare products. Many entrepreneurs have collaborated with Sanofi and are running a business successfully. It is a professional company that promotes global standards in manufacturing. If you want to make an advancement in the healthcare system then a notable contribution with Sanofi is a must.

Final Words

Why search more when you have a list of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Indore where you can invest and receive wholesome profits? 

Gain a reputation in the market and collaborate with the best pharma companies like Max Life Science and Garb the opportunity to have a splendid customer base. 

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